“Spiritus Vivus”
Animated lenticular mural for Duquesne University

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This is a commissioned lenticular mural for Duquesne University located in the student union building on campus.  The piece is appropriately titled “Spiritus Vivus”, translated as “Spirit Alive” from it’s latin meaning. It consists of a center animation of a dove flying over Duquesne’s campus after being release by a woman. Two end cap pieces that reflect the school’s recognizable symbols frame the work on the left and right sides.

The center piece consists of 32 individual digital paintings that are unveiled to the viewer in sequence through a lenticular lens as the viewer walks from left to right across the piece.  The artwork evolves as the viewer walks by the installation.  President Charles Dougherty wanted a piece that showcased the various art pieces and green spaces of the campus.